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Make Your Kitchen Entertainment-Ready

As the source of food and a common area where family gathers, the kitchen is often the heart of any home. Nearly any time guests are entertained in a home, the kitchen area gets a significant amount of traffic. Smart design choices can make a significant difference in how “group-friendly” the space is. At Our

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A Finished Basement Remodel in Newtown, CT

A finished basement remodel is an excellent way to get more out of your home while potentially helping to improve resale value*. Whether your basement is unfinished cement or semi-finished, remodeling will give you more room without an expensive addition. At Our House Design and Construction, we have remodeled many basements, including one in Newtown,

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Using Natural Light in Your Kitchen Design

Maximizing the use of natural light in your kitchen’s design is an excellent way to add beauty and character, while at the same time saving you money. A kitchen that is flooded with natural light is both pleasing to the eye and a happier place to work. Studies have shown that people who work in

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Preparing for Home Resale by Remodeling the Kitchen

When home owners are looking to fix up their house for sale, one of the best ideas is to renovate the kitchen. Our House Design and Construction has received many recent inquiries about kitchen renovations for sellers. Here is what we found:

Our customers looking to sell typically spend $20K or less on the

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