Do I Need a Kitchen Plan or Kitchen Design?

Do I Need a Kitchen Plan or Kitchen Design

kitchen designWhile a “kitchen plan” and a “kitchen design” may sound like the same thing, there is in fact a vital difference between them. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen — the most complicated and perhaps the important room in your home — it’s important to know whether you can get away with a kitchen plan, or if a kitchen design will get better results.

A “kitchen plan” shows the a basic layout of the interior kitchen (locations of walls, doors and windows, for example) and roughly shows where all the parts of the kitchen will be when complete. For example, the location and dimensions of the counter tops, appliances, sink, and cabinets would be shown. It could be hand-drawn on graph paper, or produced using a basic computer aided design tool. The kitchen plan shows basically how everything will fit together. It is often created by the homeowner or a contractor.

A “kitchen design” is based on the same idea of the kitchen plan, but it is much more detailed and in-depth. This design is produced by a professional based on established kitchen design principles. The professional kitchen designer should have formal eduction in applying interior design principles to each unique kitchen space.

kitchen design with an islandBy taking into account principles of movement and aesthetics, a kitchen designer solves potential problems before they start. For example, a slight measurement miscalculation or misunderstanding about the true dimensions of cabinetry can result in disaster  when the kitchen is actually constructed. Also, a kitchen design will be created using professional CAD software that can show details and lighting from any angle, which can flag potential problems. The downside of a simple kitchen plan is that it can have errors that just aren’t apparent at first, which result in expensive and time-consuming (or even unsolvable!) problems that occur later in the installation process.

Perhaps you want to make sure that your kitchen is exactly what you need, and so you want to create a kitchen plan yourself. This is a great starting point. It is often helpful to start by drawing a floor plan of your existing kitchen and writing down ideas about what you want. Look on Pinterest and start a pin board of the types of appliances, counter tops, colors and lighting you would like. Roughly sketch your ideas into a basic kitchen plan.

At Our House Design and Construction in Connecticut, we love it when our clients start by clarifying their desires! We can take your kitchen plan and develop it into a gorgeous kitchen design. A good design will include every aspect of your desires and needs in your new kitchen. The result is a beautiful, functional kitchen with a harmonious configuration.

Do you know about optimal kitchen flow and the work triangle? It’s so important for efficient and pleasurable food preparation and clean-up. We are experts in making comprehensive design for a kitchen remodel, and our professional team can also install your new kitchen. The professional design and project guidance that the team at Our House Design and Construction provides will help your kitchen remodel be error-free, elegant, and within your budget. By handling both the design and installation process, the execution of your remodel will be seamless, from the early designs to the last tile put in place. Contact us today for a free estimate.